Dynamic Range Demo (Powered by PopCalendarXP)

An excellent example to show you how simple it is to use the dynamical date range constraint.

  • All past dates are not selectable.
  • You won't be able to start after the end-date or end before the start-date.
  • You can prevent the user from editing the input boxes directly by setting it to readonly, e.g.
    <input .... readonly onfocus="this.blur()">
Start Date (YYYYMMDD): popup End Date: popup


DateTime Demo (Powered by PopCalendarXP)

Since version 9.6 the datetime plugin has been made easy-to-customize, it also supports time picking up to the seconds (check the download package for more).

DateTime Field: (12-hour format, 5 min interval)
Time-only Field: (24-hour format, 15 min interval)


Variety PopCalendarXP Demos

Dropdowns: / /
Pick a week: (pick a day, a week or a whole month)


This page also proves that there is absolutely no memory leaking issue in our products, no matter how many calendar objects you put on a page. Just in case you didn't know - some calendar products on the market could eat up to 4 MB memory per popup click until the browser got bogged down and crashed your client's machine! It can easily be spotted by monitoring the memory usage of "iexplore.exe" in the windows task manager.

JavaScript Training

PopCalendarXP is demonstrated in Webucator Ajax training class, which can be delivered onsite at your offices or through a web conference.

Security Update Warning

Thanks to Ilguiz Latypov, an XSS security weakness was detected in the iflateng.htm and ipopeng.htm files. We have fixed it in the latest release. But if you installed CalendarXP products before, please ensure to overwrite them with the version 10.0.1 or newer. Details can be found here: https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2017-9072

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